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Removals York

Here at Easymove removals York we take great pride in making your move as easy and stress free as possible. Our team of fully committed and qualified York removals men will be at your beck and call in order to make your move go as smooth as possible.

House Removals Leicester

Our team will arrive at your premises at the required time and begin by dismantling your furniture such as wardrobes, beds and book cases meaning you won’t have to waste time fiddling with screws before our arrival. The removals team in York will also re-assemble these items upon arrival at your new home. Also we will supply wardrobe boxes to transport your clothing to keeps them safe and so you know exactly where they are. Our house removals York team can pack your entire property for you in a matter of hours meaning throughout your move you can do as little as possible. However here at Easymove removals York we understand that it might be the case that you have private or confidential belongings that you don’t necessarily want others to see. That is why we are more than happy to let you pack your own home in your own time. We will even send you all the packing materials you will need to do so free of charge.

Removals in York

Our York removals company have been operational for over a decade and have helped many customers move with no difficulties. Our York house removals team are fully qualified and experienced, they will also be in full uniform and ready to work from arrival to departure. We here at Easymove removals York understand that you want your money to stretch as far as possible which is why we will do everything possible to make your move as easy as possible. In the very unlikely event that your possessions are broken, lost or damaged you will e ensured up to the amount of £100,000.

Packing Options

Here at Easymove removals York we try to offer our customers as many different services as possible, for example we offer the full house. This is where we will come to the property a day before your move with us and pack for you we will then arrive the following day to transport your goods, unload and unpack. You decide how much we do, we offer this service so that you can customise your move around your needs.

Our home and office removals team in York also offer a storage service in the area. We will arrive at your property with a container which we will fill with your possessions. We will then transport your container to our warehouse in your area. Your container will then be allocated a spot and sealed up. Your container will be opened under no circumstances other than your request. At the end of your time in storage we will transport your items back to you. We know that whatever you are storing and for however long you will be more than pleased with our service.

Fragile packing- Needless to say we are very careful with all of your belongings, however if there are any items in particular that you feel would require extra attention our removals team in York will take the time to assure your valuables remain safe and in good condition.

DIY- Easymove removals York can provide you with the packing materials you require enabling you to do all your packing. This is not to everyone’s liking however it may be the case that you have private belongings that you don’t necessarily want anyone to see, which is fine and why our York removals team offer this service.

Our house removals in York do the following:

  1. Packing and loading- all of your items are loaded on the van one room at a time, each box is labelled so you know what’s what. This also makes unloading much easier and quicker saving you time and money.
  2. Transportation- All our vehicles are driven by fully and experienced staff. Our removal teams in York use the most up to date techniques in assuring the safe transportation of your belongings.
  3. Unloading- our removal team in the York area will unload all your belongings into the correct rooms. They will also re-assemble your furniture for you.

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