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Moving Checklist


  • Inform the DSS
  • Inform child benefit
  • Advise your pension scheme

Burglar alarm

  • Leave instructions for your new tenants or the new owner of your property
  • Ensure the current owner of your new home will leave you instructions on how to enable or disable the alarm.


  • inform DVLA
  • inform motoring organisation
  • Make sure your car is in good condition for your journey


  • Try to arrange for someone to look after children as young children especially can find moving very upsetting and stressful


  • Advise any clubs you may hold a membership with such as a football club or an online store

Cupboards & draws

  • Check that both cupboards and draws are empty, this will make the day of the move much easier.

Important documents

  • Put all the documents you will need during and shortly after the move together.
  • Move all your bank details either to a safe place or a folder as the last thing you want is your bank details to be left behind and fall into the wrong hands.

Gas and electric

  • Inform your gas and electric companies respectively of your moving dates so you are not paying for what you are not using.

Unwanted items

  • Arrange as early as possible what you feel may be surplus to requirements.
  • Take items to a charity shop or post adverts for their sale either online or in local shops.


  • Inform banks of your impending move
  • Inform your credit card company
  • Inform HP companies
  • Inform share companies
  • Inform premium bonds

Forwarding address

  • Leave a forwarding address for the new owners to pass mail on to you.
  • Ensure that the current owners of your new home leave forwarding address for you to send their mail to them

Friends and family

  • Inform all your friends and family of your new address and telephone number either personally or via social networking websites.

Heating system

  • Leave instructions for the homes heating system.
  • Make sure you have instructions on the heating system for your new home

Home deliveries

  • Inform any necessary home delivery services of your move


  • Inform existing insurance supplier of your move
  • Arrange a new insurance service with a provider for your new home.


  • Leave all keys to your home for the new occupants
  • Ensure the owners of your new home leave all their keys for you
  • Contact a locksmith for a quote for new locks just to be on the safe side.


  • Inform your doctor
  • Inform your dentist
  • If moving quite far arrange new doctor and dentist
  • Do not pack important medications that you may need to get to quickly whilst moving
  • Pack a first aid kit for your car just in case of any injuries on the day of the move.

New purchases

  • Begin to set your budget for new appliances and furniture for your new home and possibly make orders if there is a long wait for the items.
  • Keep track of delivery dates for new items, try and set dates to be 3 or 4 days after your move to give you time to pack away other items.


  • Purchase pet carriers
  • Speak with vet for advise and also to let them know about the move
  • Arrange for pets to be looked after on the day of the move as they can find it very stressful and can be very difficult as a result of this.


  • Start running eating or disposing all the food in your freezer.
  • If your freezer or fridge is going into storage defrost and dry them out.

Post & communications

  • Inform royal mail and have your mail redirected
  • Arrange for the telephone to be cut off
  • Arrange for telephone to be connected at your new home
  • Inform your mobile phone supplier of your impending move

Professional advisors

  • Advise your solicitor, accountant, financial advisor and any other advisors you may have of your move

Recorded delivery mail

  • Make sure all important notifications are sent by recorded delivery mail


  • Contact one of our advisors to get a quote or have your home viewed by our assessors.
  • Set a date with us to make the move.
  • Purchase packing materials from these recommended online companies,,
  • If you would like to pack yourself set out a schedule to do so.


  • Advise your local DVD rental store of your move
  • Return all library books and other items


  • Inform school(s) of the move
  • If moving far arrange new schools


  • inform tax authorities of your move
  • Advise local council of your impending move


  • Advise licensing authority and your cable/satellite provider of your impending move


  • Advise window cleaners
  • Leave a list of tradesmen who have worked on the home in the past with guarantee’s
  • Ensure current owners of your new home leave a list of tradesmen who have worked on the house with guarantee information


  • Arrange for your gas and electric to be cut off and meters to be read by suppliers
  • Arrange for your gas and electric connection at new home to be set up in time
  • Advise your water supplier
  • Advise telephone supplier of your move
  • Ensure all utilities are connected at your new home in time for your arrival

Flat pack and dismantling

  • Leave sufficient time for these jobs to be completed.

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