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Moving and Packing Tips


The first step to packing your home is to give it a good clean. If your home is clutter free it is much easier to decide what you would like to keep and what in excess to requirements. There are a number of advantages to picking what you want to take with you and what you do not. If the items you decide to dispose of are of any value you can raise some money, also by having less items to take with you it can reduce the amount your removal will cost. De-cluttering is strongly advised when moving as it will save you time money and effort.

Labelling and Floor Plan

Labelling and floor planning is very important. If you label all of your boxes firstly you will know what is where and secondly your removal team will know exactly what is in the boxes so fragile items will receive extra care. If you also write down which room you request these boxes to go in our team will sort all of that out for you quickly and efficiently. If you draw a plan of your new home and inform the removal team they will be able to quickly put each box in the correct room saving you time.

Boxes and packing material

Here at easymove removals we strongly recommend that you purchase professional packing materials. Packaging can be bought from at reasonable prices.  By using second hand boxes from supermarkets for example, your belongings are at risk of damage. By using new professional boxes you can be rest assured that your goods will remain safe during transit.

We recommend that you do not over load the large boxes as this can cause injury when lifting. When packing your fragile items, we also suggest you use double walled boxes and fragile tape to ensure complete safety of your valuables.


At Easymove we offer a professional packing service, this all comes at a very reasonable price. This will save you time and worry about your items getting broken during transit as they were not packed sufficiently.

If you do wish to pack yourself, we suggest you start as soon as possible to avoid last minute rushes, as this can lead to items being left behind or not being packed as safely as they could be. We are always welcome to contact if you need any advice on how to pack, especially your fragile items.

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