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Packing Services

Full House Packing

We offer a full packing service on the day before your move, carried out by the same team who will be doing your removal.  This service includes packing of everything in your home from top to bottom, including contents of drawers, wardrobes, bookshelves, kitchen crockery etc.  We take great care packaging and moving your belongings and our specially-trained team will use protective packing aids such as bubble-wrap, acid-free tissue paper, removal blankets and anti-rip waterproof covers to protect all your items.

As you will have the same team packing and moving, they will know into which rooms in your new home to place your belongings.  As we will be packing the day before your move, we will leave essential overnight items to be packed on the day of the move.

Part House Packing

On the day of your move we can pack selected items of your choosing, commonly delicate items such as crockery, china, ornaments, paintings etc.  Our teams are all specially trained in protective packaging to ensure your belongings arrive in your new home safely.

Unpacking Service

The day following your removal our team will return to fully unpack your belongings and complete your move into your new home, placing your items in the desired rooms.  Those overnight and essential items will be unpacked on the day of the move to get you through your fist night in your new home!  We will then remove and recycle all of the unwanted packaging materials, and leave you unpacked to settle into your new home!

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